With the Clearinghouse system in full-effect and necessary, DriveX Solution helps trucking enterprises & drivers keep roads safer in real-time. The Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse is a web-based database, and Drivex offers a comprehensive suite of DOT services drivers and transportation companies in compliance with FMCSA and DOT. As Third Party Administrators, we do report drug & alcohol violations, and even perform queries on CDL drivers.


If you're in the business of moving merchandise to various locations in Canada & the US, then being compliant about drug and testing regulations, hiring & vetting DOT certified CDL holders can be overpowering. Let us handle the heavy lifting whilst you take care of crucial business activities. With over a decade of experience in the trucking industry, we offer hassle-free solutions & services with Clearinghouse to meet its mandates.
At DrivexSolutions, we support the following programs and mandates.

  • We assist you with the registration of your DOT numbers in the FMCA Clearinghouse
  • We report Drug & Alcohol breaches in the Clearinghouse
  • We perform yearly queries on your CDL drivers
  • We help drivers complete the new process
  • We add the required attachments to your Drug & Alcohol policy in the FMCSA Clearinghouse directive

We also assist trucking companies and drivers with the following.

  • Provide precise training and documentation to archive drug & alcohol knowledgebase, Return to Duty (RTD), and other documentation
  • Clearinghouse learning resources for new hires
  • Competitive pricing for reporting and queries with Clearinghouse driver consent
  • Driver assistance to resolve inaccurate information in the Clearinghouse database
  • Determine any driver violations based on an annual basis

Drivers holding CDL's are subject to comply with federal requirements and register with DACH. People who need to register with the Clearinghouse are included as :

  • Interstate and intrastate trucking, that includes passenger carriers
  • CDL drivers for school buses
  • CDL operators for construction equipment
  • CDL drivers for limousines
  • CDL drivers for municipal vehicles
  • CDL drivers for Federal vehicles that are subject to FMCSA drug & alcohol regulations

The DOT Drug Screening Service includes :

  • DOT 5-Panel Urine Tests
  • Alcohol Breath Tests
  • Program Management
  • Post-accident Tests
  • Compliance Support
  • Digital capabilities
  • Training
  • Employer Verifications