Commercial Vehicle Operation Registration

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A Commercial Vehicle Operators Registration(CVOR) is a registration system for operators of commercial carriers in Ontario, the United States, and Mexico. These vehicles are identified & operated under the Highway Traffic Act. It also gives the MTO to cancel or suspend operator certificates. An operator is a person who drives the vehicle or owns it. They are also responsible for the goods being transported in the vehicle on the highway.
The CVOR has been implemented to ensure road safety of operators on highways by monitoring carrier performance. DriveX works closely with MTO authorities to acquire a CVOR for carriers. The CVOR is a part of the Carrier Safety Rating (CSR) program. Trucking operators or carrier operators are given a safety rating on their roadside performance. This includes accidents, tickets, inspections, and safety audits.

Commercial motor vehicles that require a CVOR include �

  • Carriers or trucks with a registered gross weight of over 4,500 kg
  • Buses with a passenger capacity of 10 or more

A CVOR operator is responsible for the operation of CMV, and it includes inspection of �

  • Driver conduct
  • The mechanical condition of the vehicle
  • Type of passengers or transport goods in the vehicle

DriveX helps carrier fleets comply with regulations and legislation to operate smooth carrier operations in Ontario. We also help carrier operators maintain operating privileges, maintain satisfactory records & validity, prevent unnecessary fines or penalties, etc.

Our CVOR services include �

  • Possess a CVOR certificate
  • Renew a CVOR certificate
  • Modify a CVOR certificate
  • Carrier safety ratings

DriveX makes the CVOR process simple and hassle-free. We provision the CVOR for you, while you focus on core business strategies