International Registration Plan

Hassle-free, compliant, and safe commercial carrier solutions for multiple jurisdictions

An international registration plan provides licensing for commercial motor vehicle carriers. DriveX helps carrier companies reduce unnecessary inter-jurisdictional overruns. The International Registration Plan (IRP) is a mutual agreement amongst Canadian provinces and the United States. It provides for the payment and distribution of licensing fees based on the total distance regulated in member jurisdictions. Registered motor carriers do receive cab cards and license plates that permit trucking fleets to travel through various the International Registration Plan(IRP). At DriveX, we help fleet companies achieve optimum compliance and efficiency in vehicle registration for inter-jurisdictional commerce.

Who is applicable for an International Registration Plan?

  • Your fleet needs to register for an International Registration Plan if �
  • If the fleet is used or designed for transportation
  • Has a gross weight over 26.000 pounds
  • Carriers that have three or more axles regardless of the weight
  • Is a commercial carrier that operates between various jurisdictions

DriveX can help you manage your IRP. For more information on the International Registration Plan, contact us.