IFTA Tax Filing

International Fuel Tax Solutions that are right for your business with a digital edge.

Keeping your carrier fleet on the right side of the law requires mandatory compliance of road rules and regulations. To leverage fleet benefits, fleet managers make sure the company adheres to road regulations, and it also helps carriers and drivers make informed decisions for their fleet.

International Fuel Tax Agreement or IFTA applies to a cooperative agreement between the 48 states in the US and 10 provinces in Canada. Using a single tax license inter-jurisdictional carriers can report and pay the right taxes for the fuel their trucks consume. Trucking companies & drivers find it very challenging to file IFTA tax returns or pay taxes. DriveX helps trucking companies and drivers file their IFTA tax returns or taxes to avoid IFTA license cancellation.

Vehicles registered under International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) allow the motor carrier to travel to any IFTA jurisdiction without temporary permits that can be very expensive for trucking companies and drivers.

3 top benefits of IFTA filing for trucking companies.

  • Accurate electronic data records
  • Avoid additional or unnecessary tax fines or undocumented fuel payments with precise records
  • Stay audit-ready with fewer mistakes and better outcomes

Who is eligible for an IFTA license?

  • A commercial motor vehicle for business purposes
  • Has three or more axles regardless of weight
  • A carrier or commercial vehicle with a gross weight of more than 26,000 pounds
  • A vehicle that moves to at least one other jurisdiction

DriveX believes in keeping your fleet legal and working to leverage financial success; it takes industry acumen & experience for tax laws & rules to save on IFTA cost & time. Complicated CMV rules include permits, IFTA, and fleet taxes, vehicle licensing operating authority, or any other CVM regulations.

The process of documenting, calculating, and filing your IFTA taxes is complicated, and it is challenging to calculate fuel purchased and total miles traveled between various jurisdictions. As IFTA consultants, we help fleet managers leverage cost-effective and efficient services to improve profitability, and allow better focus on the trucking enterprise.