Employee Assistance Program

Professional counseling services where relationships matter

Employee Assistance Programs or EAP is a program that resolves challenges that affect work or productivity. An Employee Assistance Program is deployed to help employees identify and resolve their challenges regardless of their work problems or Drug or Alcohol addictions. At DriveX Solution, we offer a comprehensive suite of services viz. Substance abuse, job challenges, work & family, and other crucial services form the ecosystem of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Our EAP services are accessible by any employee and can be leveraged by using the keyword "Employee Assistance Program".

DriveX is committed to ensuring workplace safety and the health of employees. Drug and Alcohol can pose a significant threat to workplace productivity and goals. With a need to maintain a drug-free environment, our programs are catered to employees that need Drug and Alcohol assistance. We have partnered with various groups or organizations to facilitate & deliver these services.

What makes our EAP services successful?

  • Stringent confidentiality
  • They are quicker and portable
  • Procedures and policies supported by top expertise
  • Easy access to the EAP
  • Periodic evaluation by the EAP to meet the needs of the employer and employee

Our comprehensive suite of employees includes -

  • Employee assistance for Drug and Alcohol problems
  • Life coaching to make a positive change
  • 24/7 helpline services for stress or crisis
  • EAP services rendered via online video conferencing, telephone, or face-to-face
  • Access to legal services from experienced lawyers
  • Financial consultation for goal setting, debt management, budgeting, and more

DriveX provides a full-service EAP program that is service-oriented, low cost, & effective. With the highest value of service and value, we offer bespoke services for employers and employees who have work-related problems or have been tested positive for drug and alcohol abuse.