Supervisor Training

Drug & Alcohol Supervisor Training

Every company that is U.S. DOT compliant will be required to have all the health and safety training completed. At DriveX Solution, we offer Drug and Alcohol training for a Dedicated Account Representative and each job site is required to have one person in place for this. All the added levels of training will allow the representative to be the first line in providing safety to the workplace. We offer either in-person training or an online version to allow some freedom of choice to all companies. Depending on what is currently in place for training, we can provide and facilitate the right programs to combat drug and alcohol use.

At DriveX Solution, we believe that everyone at the workplace should be tested and should have documentation showing each employee is following these guidelines. Having drug and alcohol training and enforcing it in your workplace will allow for an increase in revenue, as there will be a higher level of productivity, a smaller amount of workplace injuries and accidents, a greatly reduced amount of days off for employees and unnecessary WSIB claim. Employees need to pass the Pre-Employment drug and alcohol testing, as well as follow-up tests with random tests. All these tests in place will allow the company to be compliant with current U.S. DOT regulations.

DriveX Solution has partnered up with the best clinics, that can provide the highest level of training so your Dedicated Account Representative will be able to handle all situations with ease. We also provide a dedicated phone line to help and answer any questions that might arise. Some techniques involve de-escalation where they will be given all the methods to calm down an individual who is currently under the influence and how to approach and handle them. If individuals are required to be set up in the Substance Abuse Program or Employee Assistance Program, we can provide the employer with all this information.

The training provided will meet and exceed U.S. DOT regulatory necessities.
After this course has been completed, the Dedicated Account Representative can -

  • Determine the reasoning behind the test
  • Understand all the Drugs that will be tested
  • Follow U.S. DOT Compliance with company/employee confidentiality
  • Inspect and analyze individuals to deem the root of the problem and document them
  • Find the actual issue and provide a solution.